Cloud Migration Optimizes Identity and Access Management

Don't let infrastructure and operations hinder your IAM migration

Cloud IAM Migration Boosts AI-Driven Security, Engagement, and Efficiency

While organizations are moving to the cloud to enhance security, increase customer and employee engagement, and improve operational efficiency, some are hesitant to make the leap to cloud identity (IAM) despite knowing its central role in their IT and security strategies.

ForgeRock and Ping Identity commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to understand the challenges preventing organizations from migrating IAM to the cloud. The study also explores the benefits of doing so and provides insights to help businesses prepare for their cloud IAM journeys, with:

  • Input from over 250 global security and technology decision-makers on cloud IAM adoption plans
  • Details on issues and hurdles faced by organizations considering cloud migration
  • Insights into the transformative advantages that cloud IAM can offer
  • Best practices, considerations, and strategies for planning a successful migration

Explore the survey's findings, expert insights, and practical recommendations to inform your organization's cloud IAM strategy. Download "Cloud Migration Optimizes Identity and Access Management" today.

"Cloud Migration Optimizes Identity and Access Management" is a commissioned research study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ForgeRock and Ping Identity.