Gartner® IAM Leaders' Guide to Access Management

Expertise For Access Management Analysis and Strategic Planning

Get Guidance On AM Functional Architecture and Delivery Models

The scope of access management (AM) has evolved. With the need to grant consumers and workforces access to cloud and web resources within an expanding threat landscape, and the rapid adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), digital identity leaders recognize that modern AM capabilities, such as identity orchestration and passwordless authentication, are a growing requirement.

With informative diagrams, this 21 page Gartner research guide helps digital identity leaders focused on security and risk management (SRM) understand the:

  • "Broadened scope, deployment approaches and adoption trends of AM tools"
  • "Bigger picture of an IAM program scope in four main functional areas: administration, authorization, assurance and analytics"
  • "Access management functional architecture and delivery models"
  • And more

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