KuppingerCole Exec View on ForgeRock Identity Orchestration

Read a top analyst's perspective on critical orchestration capabilities

Identity and access management (IAM) connects people with the digital resources they're authorized to access. It can provide trusted users with fast, friction-free logins. It can prevent unauthorized access and block intruders and bots. And it does it all, and much more, through orchestration.

Identity orchestration is essential to your ability to deliver great user experiences and reduce fraud, such as account takeover (ATO). This Exec View from KuppingerCole details ForgeRock's orchestration capabilities, which include hundreds of pre-built nodes that span strong authentication, risk and fraud management, behavioral biometrics, self-service, social registration, and more.

Download the Executive View to learn why orchestration is the most important selection criteria for an IAM platform, and discover:

  • The robust capabilities built into ForgeRock orchestration, including passwordless authentication
  • The simplicity of creating user journeys with drag-and-drop nodes using ForgeRock's visual designer
  • How to orchestrate AI-driven threat protection signals within journeys