Ilja Heitlager, Information Officer, Schuberg Philis: A New Identity for Mission-Critical IT Environments.

Schuberg Philis has been serving its enterprise customers with their Mission Critical IT, traditionally dedicated closed infrastructures, with static groups of application providers almost considered internal employees. However, companies can only stay relevant if they know how to bind experts outside the company faster in continuous reconfiguration, as we see company walls turned at rapid pace. In a changing world were IT environments are evolving for more complexity, from dedicated to shared, public infrastructure, saas providers lie on the one hand and more specialised and boutique application developers sit on the other. Schuberg Philis is therefore building a new digital service layer for employees, customers, and partners. To complete this service layer, it has seen a full AIM implementation. In this talk we will discuss how this implementation is maturing into a full IRM solution, to better prepare Schuberg Philis customers in a new era.

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