Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for CIAM

Criteria, Differentiators, and RFP Questions to Help IT and DevOps Teams Deliver Business Value

Evaluation Framework for Customer Identity and Access Management

Navigate how to evaluate digital identity providers and security architectures for your customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs.  This guide was designed to help enterprises, security professionals and IT evaluate for Customer IAM based on seven basic components and twenty strategic components needed to ensure you meet the demands of digital transformation trends today and in the future.

Why Read This Paper?

This paper explains how best to evaluate digital identity management providers for CIAM by providing:

  • a comprehensive review of top digital transformation trends and use cases 
  • easy-to-understand definitions of basic and strategic CIAM components
  • detailed and specific RFP questions to ask identity and access management (IAM) providers for each component

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