How to Compare Digital Identity Management Providers for Internal IAM, Citizen CIAM, and FICAM

A Workbook for Government and Public Sector Use Cases

How do you choose the digital identity platform that is right for your government agency or public sector organization?

Within government and the public sector, many trends around the need for better IAM are converging. User-friendly applications and seamless, personalized experiences are in high-demand. Meanwhile, attackers have never been so sophisticated and threats never so prevalent. Additionally, mandates, regulations, and the constantly shifting technological landscape are necessitating the modernization of internal IAM, Citizen CIAM / FICAM.

How this workbook helps government-oriented CIAM / FICAM decision makers identify the best solution for their needs:

Download this guide to get:

  • An overview of current trends and government internal IAM, Citizen CIAM / FICAM initiatives
  • Government and public sector-specific RFP questions to ask providers
  • Use cases and context for why each of the RFP questions is important
  • ForgeRock's answers to the RFP questions

Download this detailed and instructive workbook now.