How to Evaluate CIAM Providers for Enterprise Capabilities

Customer Identity Checklist to Help Digital Experience, IT Security, and DevOps Teams Deliver Business Value

Key CIAM Features, Definitions, and RFP Questions

Eight global digital transformation and consumer trends are influencing business and society. For enterprise-level organizations, these trends necessitate a different approach to customer identity and access management (CIAM).

This highly informative CIAM checklist helps decision makers such as digital experience professionals, IT security, and DevOps teams, navigate how to evaluate and compare digital identity providers for key, enterprise-grade customer identity capabilities.

Why Read This CIAM Evaluation Checklist?

Download this evaluation checklist to understand how best to compare CIAM providers by learning:

  • CIAM capabilities required to meet enterprise-level digital transformation and consumer trends
  • Why legacy, home-grown, and traditional cloud-based identity solutions are inadequate
  • Easy-to-understand definitions and context for basic, intermediate, and advanced CIAM capabilities
  • RFP questions to ask customer identity providers for each capability
  • Access to analyst reports and independent resources for continued learning

Download this highly informative CIAM evaluation guide now.