The Ultimate Workforce IAM RFP Guide

Includes A Comparison Matrix, RFP Questions to Ask Digital Identity Providers, and ForgeRock’s Answers

Use this Ultimate RFP Guide to select a Workforce IAM and IGA platform that is right for your organization.

As a digital identity decision maker in your organization, you already know that within today’s new reality, workforce challenges abound. Traditional legacy identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) systems are struggling to address the onslaught of new fraud, breach, and phishing attempts, let alone support a large remote workforce. 

Building an RFP to cover all of your IAM and IGA requirements and then selecting the right provider for your organization is an important and complex undertaking. Good news, we’re here to help. 

Request this Ultimate IAM RFP Guide and:

  • Learn the basic and strategic IAM and IGA components you should include in your RFPs.
  • Get critical RFP questions for each identity component. 
  • Gain ForgeRock’s answers to the RFP questions and capture other provider answers.
  • Use a checklist matrix to cross-compare providers based on capabilities.
  • Customize an MS Excel version of the Guide for your own IAM RFP template.


Request this detailed and instructive Workforce IAM RFP guide now.

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