KPN Grip: Evolution of our cloud broker

KPN is the largest telecom and ICT provider in the Netherlands. With a history in workspace management and hosting, it started to develop itself towards a cloud broker. Helping their customers stay in control while their applications and data moves to the cloud.

4 years ago it started with the development of the Grip platform; a standardized platform that delivers:

Single Sign On and User Provisioning to ‘cloud’ applications
Access portal (end user landing page)
App Store.

KPN has a broad portfolio for the corporate market. Which means there are a lot of different specialized teams working on various propositions and an even bigger variety of customer facing web applications and portals.

To improve the customer experience, KPN has now started to utilize the Grip platform to loosely couple these web applications. This way, a customer can access the KPN web applications through one portal and with one set of credentials, while the specialized teams can continue to innovate on their product autonomously.

This presentation will follow this evolution and end in a short demonstration of the Grip platform.

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