Consumer Data Right (CDR) Open Banking Accelerators

Open Banking Accelerators help reduce the risk of implementation errors to make your open APIs secure, available, and CDR compliant.

Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) Open Banking standard proposes a new set of technical requirements to ensure data security. ForgeRock in collaboration with our trusted partner Middleware NZ is a key enabler in making CDR Open Banking a reality for data holders through the development of Accelerators that can be used for configuring the ForgeRock platform to meet legislative requirements and provide additional benefits.

Our Accelerators solve three primary use cases in the open banking framework for Onboarding, Consent, and Access Authorization and include a variety of features to help you deploy Open APIs quickly and securely.

Read the overview to learn key solution benefits such as:

  • Full FAPI compliance built into the solution
  • Complete consent solution with consent gathering and management
  • Dynamic onboarding of data recipients
  • Comprehensive suite of documentation

Download this highly informative report today.