Trends, Transients, Tropes & Transparents

Critical Identity & Access Management Trajectories in 2022

The Podcast brought to you by ForgeRock & Google

Groundbreaking or Groundhog Day? The future of Identity Management is chock full of Trends (legit hot topics), Transients (once-promising letdowns), Tropes (overused clichés), & Transparents (key but ignored issues). ForgeRock's CTO Eve Maler and Google's Product Management Lead for Identity and Access Management Sid Mishra for a live and candid discussion around which is which, what's changed, and what must change in order to ready your organization for 2022 and beyond. These industry influencers will share their unfiltered thoughts about the future of identity management, all the way from privacy to passwordless, from autonomy to adtech, from CIAM to cloud. Join us for lunch and debates, and walk away with insights that will help you not only identify your focus trajectories for this year, but define your path of travel along them.

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