Digital Identity and Access Management Webinars

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Digital Identity and Connected Cars - Leveraging the Power of IAM

As vehicles become smarter and more connected, their technology relies on digital identity to personalise and secure the customer experience. For the fleet manager, insurance provider, consumer, and anyone else in the modern connected vehicle environment, knowing “who” can access “what” is essential.

KC webiner - Identity Fabrics for True Digital Transformation

Identity Fabrics for True Digital Transformation

Business models are changing, customer relationships are changing, and business partnerships are far more volatile than ever before. Workloads are shifting to the cloud and to as-a-service models.


Zero Trust Strategies: Security Starts When Authentication Ends

Digital Transformation is at the top of every CEOs list. The need to innovate and create new digital ecosystems brings huge revenue opportunities for businesses – but it also creates tremendous security risks.


Legacy IAM System vs. Modern IAM Platforms - Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Application and infrastructure architectures are continuously changing in order to mirror the demands and challenges of modern organizational needs. A common problem with legacy systems is the inability to adapt to new business models in an ever-changing world.


PSD2 : Forget the Deadline – Design Great Customer Journeys

2019 represents a major milestone in the rewrite of Europe's Financial Services due to the deadlines required by PSD2. This webinar will take a look at how Account Providers are partnering with Thales and ForgeRock to design and deliver new Banking and Payment Journeys with Strong Customer Authentication.


How to Create a Modern IAM Framework for Healthcare.

Healthcare providers are using digital technology to access, secure, and share patient information in order to efficiently deliver care. Does your healthcare organization need assistance in securing and maintaining a single patient identity?


Part 2 - Moving off of a Legacy System: How to Migrate Successfully

Based on the state of my organization’s legacy IAM system, what is the best plan for migrating to a more modern platform? What is the best way to execute that plan, while also maintaining the current platform, its availability and integrity of data?


Accelerate Open Banking with ForgeRock

Concerned about Consent Management?
Troubled by Third Party Onboarding?
Alarmed by Access to Resources?

Join us to hear how ForgeRock’s new Open Banking and PSD2 Accelerator Kits can set the pace for your development of new architecture.