Power to the People - GDPR, Trust, and Data Privacy


GDPR is here. Fines are accruing for companies that mishandle consumer data and are slow to comply with GDPR regulations.  But GDPR should not be viewed as only ‘another regulation’. Coming to compliance with GDPR is an opportunity to build trust with consumers as it lays out the privacy guidelines that informed consumers are asking for in this time of digital transformation.

How can organisations address the business challenges arising as a result of stricter privacy policies while striking a balance with the needs of the consumer?

In this white paper, learn how to address top privacy business challenges by:

  • Empowering end-users with rich consent and privacy capabilities
  • Protecting consumer data through data sovereignty and fractional replication
  • Breaking down identity silos and to get to a single view of and for the customer
  • Keeping customer data accurate and protected

GDPR implementation is complex and analysts and experts alike are reporting that most organisations still feel unprepared, under-educated and overwhelmed when it comes to handling GDPR compliance. ForgeRock can help. Download this white paper to see how.


Learn more about ForgeRock’s privacy and consent solutions to discover how ForgeRock can help you better address shifting privacy concerns.


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