Accelerate Your Identity Governance Program with Self-Driving Governance

Overcome Identity Governance Fatigue with AI-Driven Automation

Hyper-automate Your Existing Identity Governance Solution and Processes To Become Self-Driving

Organizations are moving quickly to replace manual processes, increase automation, and harness vast amounts of data in order to improve efficiencies. New applications are coming online at breakneck speed, and cloud applications are being adopted aggressively. Each new technology requires a clear identification of which users need access to it, what resources they need, and how access can be controlled to prevent unauthorized usage.

Organizations have long used identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions to address user provisioning and regulatory compliance requirements. These solutions are designed to automate access requests, approvals, and certification reviews. Yet, today, the sheer number of such requests outstrips the capabilities of many traditional IGA solutions. As a result, teams face a seemingly impossible task and invariably end up suffering from identity governance fatigue.

Automation is the answer to overcoming identity governance fatigue. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), organizations can analyze massive amounts of data, spot anomalous behavior, recommend access, and hyper-automate existing IGA solutions and processes to become self-driving.

Download the Self-Driving Governance white paper to learn:

  • Why identity governance fatigue plagues global organizations.
  • How automation overcomes identity governance fatigue.
  • Why artificial intelligence is the key to self-driving governance.
  • ForgeRock's approach to self-driving governance.
  • How to start down the path to self-driving governance.