A Better Identity Cloud for Healthcare

Do IAM SaaS Better with a Patented Security Architecture, HIPAA Compliance, and Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Reduce IT Workloads and Costs While Improving Efficiency and Healthcare Outcomes

From innovation and care outcomes, to security and cost efficiency, the success of a digital health ecosystem relies on the robustness and readiness of digital identity systems. To help to speed their ecosystem innovation, increase scalability and flexibility, and reduce costs and the burdens on their already strapped IT resources, healthcare organizations are now looking at SaaS options for identity and access management (IAM) and consumer IAM (CIAM).

Yet, not all cloud-based identity solutions are the same.

Download the paper A Better Identity Cloud for Healthcare and learn:

  • Why many cloud-based IAM solutions fall short to meet today's healthcare requirements.
  • The difference between enterprise-grade identity SaaS and traditional solutions.
  • How ForgeRock Identity Cloud's patented security architecture helps mitigate risk and improve compliance.
  • How you can reduce IT workloads and costs while improving efficiency and healthcare outcomes.

Download this informative paper today.