Containerized Directory Services

Learn the Challenges of Legacy Directory Services and why it’s Crucial to Modernize to a Containerized Deployment Model.

Digital transformation has put traditional data directory models at risk.

Legacy Directory solutions were not designed to handle the growing amount of data we see today and, with the introduction of cloud and big data, they are struggling to keep up with demands. This has caused a number of challenges such as delayed retrieval times and increased risks to security and growth.

In order to scale for the increased volume of digital identities, organizations must modernize their directory service solutions to a containerized deployment model. Containers offer a simple and consistent approach to deployments and deliver the automation and flexibility needed to scale as an organization grows.

Download the whitepaper Containerized Directory Services to learn:

  • The challenges of legacy directory deployment models
  • What a containerized directory deployment is and how it works
  • The benefits of modernizing to a containerized deployment
  • How ForgeRock Directory Services help deliver competitive advantage