ForgeRock Go: Authenticate Without Usernames and Passwords

Learn how ForgeRock Go can reduce or eliminate reliance on username and password-based authentication, and improve your organization’s security posture.

While login credentials have been a struggle for users to create and remember throughout the past decade, their threat to network security has also been rapidly increasing.

Recent reports have found credential theft and fraud to be a leading source of data breaches around the world. The cost of these attacks is increasing, and you need a more secure solution.

ForgeRock Go delivers usernameless and passwordless authentication that helps reduce your organization's vulnerability by virtually eliminating credential theft arising from phishing attacks, password reuse, credential stuffing, keyloggers, and more.

With ForgeRock Go, you can design simple and secure access experiences that flow. Your user can authenticate through their devices’ built-in biometrics or -protected external authenticator.

Download the whitepaper ForgeRock Go: Authenticate Without Usernames and Passwords to learn:

  • The problems organizations face with passwords
  • Current alternatives that are in use today
  • The benefits of using ForgeRock Go
  • How ForgeRock Go works when delivered through Intelligent Access