ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express: CIAM as a Service

Learn The Technical Details For Cloud Express

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express for CIAM

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express is a push-button SaaS solution with simple yet powerful customer identity and access management (CIAM) capabilities. Express is pre-configured so you can build rich applications with integrated and secure registration, account recovery, and modern multi-factor authentication in minutes. 

So, what is included with Express and how does it work? Read the ForgeRock Identity Cloud white paper to learn Cloud Express technical details such as:

  • ForgeRock Cloud architecture

  • Tenancy

  • Data, network, and physical security

  • Monitoring and incident response

  • Automated testing

  • Release process

  • Security assurance

  • And more

Get all of the technical details of ForgeRock Cloud Express by downloading this ForgeRock Identity Cloud white paper today.

Download White Paper: