Secure Identity and Access for the Internet of Things

Enable Zero-Touch Onboarding and Authentication for all Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Using ForgeRock Intelligent Access

Experts around the world say that many emerging business models will drive more revenue through IoT-enabled services than the products through which they’re delivered. Additionally, IoT devices currently outnumber human users, and by 2025, forecasts suggest that there will be more than 25 billion IoT devices in use globally. For these reasons, it has become mission critical that organizations are able to extend security, manageability, and trust to all IoT devices, so that only known devices can access their networks.

Despite the growth in IoT environments, today's IoT solutions can pose many challenges because they are complex, difficult to manage, require human intervention, and slow down the responses to security incidents. This white paper describes how the ForgeRock Identity Platform solves today's IoT challenges by enabling IoT devices to be securely and automatically onboarded, identified, authenticated, and authorized within their environments.

Download the whitepaper, "Secure Identity and Access for the Internet of Things," to learn:

  • The different types of IoT
  • Current challenges of managing IoT devices
  • Key components to the ForgeRock IoT solution
  • Enabling zero-touch onboarding and authentication for all IoT devices
  • How to design no-code IoT user journeys with ForgeRock Intelligent Access