Reduce Call Volume and Support Costs with Intelligent Self-Service

Learn how ForgeRock Intelligent Access can Help You Design Self-Service Journeys that are Easy to Implement and Secure

In today’s new reality, almost every activity has transitioned to an online environment, creating a large increase in e-commerce activity in recent months. However, the global average abandonment rate for ecommerce shopping carts is 75% and is costing organizations billions.

A large cause of this abandonment is customers becoming frustrated over the password reset process, with lengthy wait times for IT assistance to regain access. In the workplace, giving employees the ability to reset their own passwords can save your organization ~$140 per employee per year and eliminate the time spent waiting for IT help desk assistance. 

The Intelligent Self-service capabilities in ForgeRock Intelligent Access helps combat these grievances by allowing your users to manage and reset their own passwords, eliminating the long wait times, frustration of your customers, and potential profits lost due to cart abandonment.

Download the whitepaper, Reduce Call Volume and Support Costs with Intelligent Self-Service, to learn:

  • The capabilities of ForgeRock Intelligent Access
  • How to easily design secure, low-friction self-service user journeys
  • How progressive profiles reduce registration fatigue 
  • The benefits of using Intelligent Self-Service