KuppingerCole Whitepaper: Identity Fabrics and Identity API Platforms

Identity Fabrics provide a comprehensive set of IAM capabilities that support both the management of existing applications and API-based access to identity services.

Digital transformation has altered the digital identity landscape and created new digital business services that change the way IAM needs to be done. Without the ability to manage and control the access of everyone to every service, businesses will fail in their transformational initiatives.To succeed in Digital transformation, businesses need a strong digital identity backend that delivers all identity services required by the new digital services that are created. These backends form the "Identity Fabric" that provides all services in a standardized manner that also integrates back to legacy IAM.

This whitepaper examines:

  • The concept of Identity Fabrics
  • The need for Identity API Platforms that deliver APIs
  • Overcoming legacy obstacles
  • Actions to effectively move to a modern Identity API Platform

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