Maximize the Value of Government Identity Solutions with AI-Driven Identity Analytics

Augment legacy solutions to help scale and streamline access operations, clean up inappropriate privileges, and meet compliance requirements
ForgeRock Autonomous Identity provides sophisticated AI-driven identity analytics enabling government agencies and organizations to automate and accelerate decisions and maximize existing investments.

With the size, number, and frequency of data breaches increasing year over year, the pressures caused by external security threats have never been greater. Combined with the number of increasing identities, volume of activities requiring access, and growing regulatory requirements, legacy identity and access management (IAM) and identity and governance administration (IGA) solutions are crumbling. They are not equipped to handle these growing challenges and requirements at scale.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity delivers AI-driven identity analytics that can be overlaid onto legacy identity solutions. Through utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, government agencies and organizations can gain contextual enterprise-wide risk visibility, improved operational efficiencies, and accelerated decision making while dramatically increasing the efficacy and value of their existing identity and governance investments.

Download Maximize the Value of Your Identity Solution with AI-Driven Identity to learn:

  • The evolving nature of external and internal cyberthreats 
  • Shortcomings of legacy IAM and IGA processes and solutions
  • How ForgeRock Autonomous Identity addresses legacy challenges
  • The benefits of AI-Driven Identity Analytics
  • How AI and ML deliver actionable insights to meet compliance standards with confidence

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