Reduce Government Services Fraud

Incorporate Identity Proofing Into Citizen Registration and Authentication Journeys

Pandemic-related fraud skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021, costing government organizations millions in losses.

A major contributor to these fraudulent attacks was the weak IAM systems in place for citizen sign-up and sign-in used by many government agencies. Modern IAM can detect and prevent these types of fraudulent transactions, but to do so effectively, the solution requires more advanced capabilities.

ForgeRock helps government agencies combat unauthorized access and fraudulent claims by securing citizen registration, authentication, and authorization on agency portals. Additionally,  the ForgeRock Trust Network includes solutions for strong authentication, physical and behavioral biometrics, risk and fraud management, and identity-proofing solutions.

Get the whitepaper, Reduce Government Services Fraud, to learn about:

  • How Intelligent Access helps you validate and secure citizen claimants
  • Key IAM capabilities that help you combat identity fraud
  • How ForgeRock helps meet NIST guidelines and identity assurance levels
  • Identity-proofing citizen journeys with Onfido and integrations

Don’t lose another penny to fraudulent claims. Download the whitepaper to learn how to secure your government organization today.