Brand New Courses
from ForgeRock University

Brand new Access Management and Identity Management courses.


ForgeRock University

Determining how to architect, build, and deploy your open source identity solution doesn’t need to be a complex process, but needs to be done right. ForgeRock University combines training, enablement, and technology to arm you with the skills you need to execute a smooth deployment.

Deploying ForgeRock Access Management (FR-420)

This structured course comprises a mix of instructor-led lessons and demonstrations with plenty of lab exercises to ensure an opportunity to fully understand each of the topics covered. It provides students with the necessary skills to plan, install, configure and administer a ForgeRock OpenAM deployment. The main goal of the course is to provide a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with ForgeRock’s OpenAM, so students can control the most important functions of and manage a successful production deployment.

ForgeRock Access Management – Customization and APIs (FR-421)

he OpenAM Customization and APIs course provides a hands-on technical introduction to OpenAM 13 APIs and customization use cases. Students examine the OpenAM extension points and gain the skills required to extend and integrate an OpenAM 13 Deployment in a real world context. Development best practices are demonstrated in a series of labs.

Implementing ForgeRock Identity Management (FR-413)

This course is for students who want to learn how to implement an identity management solution using OpenIDM. Students learn how to deploy OpenIDM using the samples provided with OpenIDM and the course material to implement different scenarios. Students learn the important features and capabilities of OpenIDM, which they can then use to deploy OpenIDM on the job in their own identity management solutions.

Administering, Maintaining and Tuning ForgeRock Directory Services (FR-462)

This course will provide students with the necessary skills to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers, create and manage multiple databases, and perform other tasks with ForgeRock Open Directory Service for Java (OpenDJ).