ForgeRock Identity Governance and Administration

Accelerate secure access, achieve regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks while reducing costs.

Solution Brief

Modernize Identity Governance and Administration

The rise in remote-work has accelerated the need for organizations to change how they do business. One of the biggest challenges they face is having visibility in securing the business without compromising workforce productivity and user experience. Businesses also face regulatory compliance pressures, with many organizations expecting to spend more in this area.

Forrester predicts remote work conditions and employee experience will cause a third (33%) of all data breach incidents in 2021 expected to be caused by insiders. Now is the time to ensure employees and contractors have the right access to the right resources at the right time to get their job done. In doing so you can protect the business, empower users, and pass audits with confidence.

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What is Identity Governance and Administration Fatigue?

Run a Better Business with Modern IGA

Do you have visibility of your users, their roles, permissions, and the devices they're using? Are you able to review and approve employee access and access certification requests in a timely manner? Are you able to quickly remove inappropriate user access privileges?

Legacy and homegrown Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) tools aim to solve these questions but lack the automation and intelligence needed for continuous security and compliance.

ForgeRock offers a modern AI-driven IGA solution that helps organizations to accelerate secure access, achieve regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks, while reducing costs.

Learn What to Look for in an IGA Solution


Accelerate Secure Access


Achieve Regulatory Compliance


Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs



"With ForgeRock IGA, we will have a good strategic process for identity management. The auditing process will become much smoother – easier and less costly for the organization."


Marius Sorteberg, Identity Manager, Storebrand

Case Study

Enable Modern IGA with ForgeRock


ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Leverage an AI-driven identity analytics solution for real-time and continuous enterprise-wide user access visibility, control, and remediation.

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ForgeRock Identity Governance

Save IT resource time and budget by automating access requests, access approvals, certifications, and role modeling processes.

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ForgeRock Identity Management

Increase efficiency and security by simplifying employee onboarding, provisioning, deprovisioning and offboarding processes.

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Why ForgeRock for Identity Governance and Administration?


Streamline & Simplify Governance


Multinational Financial Services Organization


Access privileges identified for removal from a major ERP application with 1.1M assignments.

Simpler & Faster Time to Value


Global Consumer Goods Provider


Reduction of required roles across the organization for 66K users and objects.

Smarter & More Secure with AI/ML


Major US Healthcare Service Provider


Entitlements throughout the enterprise identified as excessive for 14.6 million assignments within 3 hours.



Rethink Identity Governance with AI-Driven Analytics


Maximize the Value of Your Identity Solution with AI-Driven Identity Analytics


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