Multi-Brand Experiences

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Supporting the "Multi-Brand" Business with Secure, Distributed Decision-Making

As your organization changes, your identity hierarchy needs to adapt accordingly. Such changes can occur due to a merger or acquisition, a reorganization, or just better business alignment around the management of discrete departments, channels, and partners in your portfolio.

Complex identity hierarchies can be defined, then managed by business line owners who understand their business units' needs.

Increased competition means that each brand, business unit, or partner must be hyper-responsive to the needs of their users. It is increasingly important to manage brands down to the business level. A business line manager or business owner knows which users require access and those who do not.

User experiences are personalized according to the requirements of each brand manager, making consistent, end-to-end digital experiences a possibility for separate business units, loyalty programs and products.

Security is kept intact. Super-admins remain in control with visibility up and down the hierarchy chain, and they retain the ability to make changes that pass down through the layers. New regulations and compliance requirements often compel organizations to operate in a logically separated manner, yet setting up identity solutions to manage users in these discrete configurations can be cost prohibitive.

ForgeRock Organizations

ForgeRock Organizations is an identity and access management capability..... Leading retail, financial services, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing businesses utilize ForgeRock and our ForgeRock Organizations capability to help them drive businesses forward and prepare for whatever may come their way.

ForgeRock Organizations Datasheet


Respond Rapidly to User Requests

Deliver speedy and secure access to users inside and outside your organization

Advance Partnerships

Maximize partner relationships by granting them admin rights to their users

Support Non-Technical Administrators

Enable the business-level administration of users with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Enhance Security

Enforce least-privileged access to everyone – admins and users alike – across your multi-brand organization

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