When People Trust You, They Choose You

When customers feel safe sharing their data with you, it’s a win-win

Build trust through protecting privacy

Personal digital data is precious. Your customers don’t want businesses putting it up on a “big board,” for just anyone to see. And as the number of connected things that customers use grows, we must prevent an IoT security gap. With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can secure the user experience on any device, and tailor it to the customer’s data-sharing preferences — or as we like to say, “no more data about you, without you.” Ensuring and protecting privacy is how you win the customer trust race.

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Trust is Critical

As organizations compete to deliver secure, trusted customer experiences that are informed by personal data, managing customer identities and their relationships is key.

MEF Research


Recent study results confirm the importance of trust and privacy in consumer relationships. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum Global Consumer Trust Report 2017 highlights many challenges and opportunities that we see every day. 


Power to the People

Compliance with GDPR is an opportunity to build trust with consumers as it lays out the privacy guidelines that informed consumers are asking for in this time of digital transformation.


GDPR: Comply With Global Privacy Regulations

Business leaders face tough choices every day. Since May 2018, organizations that hold or process the personal information of EU citizens are subject to the impact of the new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's time to devise a privacy and consent strategy that treats consumer-controlled data sharing across cloud, mobile, and IoT sources as a business imperative and shifts innovation toward consumer trust.

GDPR Solutions


The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is meant to increase competition and innovation in the financial system by increasing privacy and security to improve the customer experience. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is uniquely suited to address its requirements around strong customer authentication, data sharing via secure APIs, and explicit customer consent for data sharing. It went into effect on January 13, 2018. Are you ready?

Financial Services Solutions


ForgeRock provides continuous security not just at login, but throughout a digital session. The ForgeRock Identity Platform can respond to threats in context, asking for additional identity verification when something unusual takes place, like a resource request from an unfamiliar location or device.

Security Solutions

User-Managed Access

Secure Delegated Authorization that Builds Privacy, Consent and Trusted Relationships. User-Managed Access. UMA, gives your customers and employees a convenient way to determine who and what gets access to personal data, for how long, and under what circumstances.  Users delegate access through a simple “Share” button in your app, and can monitor and manage sharing preferences all through a central console.

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Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard

Enable consumer controlled data while meeting and complying with privacy regulations. The Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard builds customer trust by giving users the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences.



Ensure and Protect Your Customers’ Privacy


User-Managed Access

With ForgeRock User-Managed Access, users get to decide when, and with whom to share their data. No more data about you, without you.


Privacy in the IoT Era

From Connected Cars to Wearables and Health, your personal data matters. Download this report to learn how new regulations in the age of IoT will shape markets for years to come.



With data privacy comes data security. The ForgeRock Identity Platform provides continuous, contextual security, so your customer data is always safe.

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