Zero Trust and CARTA

Use the only AI-powered identity platform to elevate security and user experience with Zero Trust and CARTA for consumers, workforce, and IoT devices.

ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

Protect Your Organization From Becoming a Statistic




Increase in breaches caused by compromised usernames and passwords in 2020



of 2020 data breaches are for financial gain, up from 71% in 2019



projected annual losses related to cybercrime in 2021

Elevate Security and User Experience


Identity and access management (IAM) is a cornerstone to your organization's Zero Trust and Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) strategy. ForgeRock empowers these strategies by providing you with a no-code interface to build, customize, and adjust access journeys with intelligent, contextual, continuous security, along with access to an extensive ecosystem of pre-integrated, third-party security solutions.

  • Protect your organization
  • Accelerate secure access
  • Extend security investments

Implement Zero Trust Quickly with ForgeRock Identity Cloud


Apply Identity Intelligence to Zero Trust


Unauthorized access continues to be the number one attack vector, making modern digital identity a top priority.


Deliver Zero Trust and CARTA security models quickly and efficiently across your hybrid IT architecture with ForgeRock's complete software as a service (SaaS) identity platform.

Protect Your Organization with Zero Trust IAM

​​Leverage intelligent, contextual, continuous security to connect and protect your employees, consumers, devices, and IoT at scale. Secure your hybrid IT environments – from legacy on-premises networks to modern mobile apps, APIs, microservices, and more – for seamless, personalized omnichannel experiences.

Learn How to Connect Everyone


Accelerate Secure Access

Use a no-code interface to build, customize, and adjust access journeys. Secure the remote workforce and improve employee productivity. Adjust consumer friction according to risk. Differentiate between legitimate and suspicious internal and external users, and isolate and monitor malicious activity using honeypots.

Orchestrate, Personalize, and Secure User Journeys


Extend Security Investments

Integrate with legacy systems and environments to apply Zero Trust organization-wide. Leverage an extensive security ecosystem of pre-integrated, third-party solutions, including identity-proofing services, fraud prevention systems, bespoke authentication methods, and biometric providers.

Modernize Legacy IAM

Go Beyond Security Best Practices

Cybercrime is sophisticated. It demands a holistic approach to security. You need insight into the risks associated with user access, with concrete recommendations to mitigate these risks. And you need this information to be always up to date.

You can deliver on Zero Trust and CARTA quickly and effectively with ForgeRock’s advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered identity platform.

  • Discover role access patterns across the entire enterprise
  • Analyze massive amounts of data, and spot anomalous behavior
  • Visualize low-, medium-, and high-risk confidence scores across the enterprise
  • Continuously identify and remediate based on least privileged access principles
  • Automatically revoke stale user access rights based on recommended remediations

Learn About ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Orchestrate Secure, No-Code User Journeys

Improve the security posture of your business without impacting IT resources, applications, or performance. ForgeRock Intelligent Access makes it easy to build dynamic, adjustable journeys for your users and applications with a simple drag-and-drop interface for no-code or low-code integrations.

Intelligent Access secures your users and your business.

  • Interconnect digital signals, factors, and third-party integrations for risk, fraud, and malware
  • Authenticate and authorize with context: user, device, behavior, location, and more
  • Audit all access events, and minimize attack risk
  • Quickly secure the latest iOS, Android, and web apps with ForgeRock software development kits (SDKs)
  • Authenticate without usernames and passwords to reduce password theft

Create Secure User Journeys

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Achieve Zero Trust With ForgeRock Intelligent Access




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Improve the security posture of your business by designing purpose-built user journeys

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