Customer Value Management

The business value of the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Technology investments as a percentage of total corporate spending are on the increase and as technology spending evolves to drive business value, the alignment between IT investments and business strategy is now a top priority for most C-Suite members across all industries and sectors.

Which is why ForgeRock offers its customers the opportunity to engage in two different business value services, provided by the Customer Value Management (CVM) Team.

  1. The Value Identification Service is useful for those considering a ForgeRock Identity Platform for the first time, and maps an organization’s identity levers to its business objectives and challenges. The final result of this service is a document detailing the unique, quantified value of the ForgeRock identity platform for the customer, as well as a high-level implementation plan, cost estimates and full business case.
  2. The Value Optimization Service is a post-implementation review that starts with documenting the successes and areas for improvement of the initial implementation and ends with recommendations on how to improve the Identity platform’s utilization based on the remaining identity challenges and future business requirements of the customer.

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Customer Story

Steinberg Media’s Daniel Roper (Director of Digital) and Berndt Peeters (Head of services) describe their experience of the ForgeRock Customer Value Identification service.