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What Are Identity Cloud Onboarding Services?

Investing in the cloud can be one of the most important strategic decisions you make for your organization. And yet, it can also appear daunting at times. Getting it up and running quickly and with your desired metrics is crucial. That’s why we created ForgeRock Cloud Onboarding Services Packages. Whether you need a little help or a lot, there is a ForgeRock Onboarding Services Package to help you get started.

You can rest assured that you always have a committed partner by your side who understands your timelines and the business outcomes you’re after.

The Right Fit for You

There are four ForgeRock Identity Cloud Onboarding packages. Start with Foundations for initial setup to get you going, or choose from one of the other three services as your specific needs dictate. Each successive package includes the services of the previous package(s). This approach ensures that your ForgeRock Identity Cloud implementation project remains aligned and on track to serve your top-priority use cases.


Leveraging Our Team of Experienced Cloud Professionals

Selecting a Cloud Onboarding Services Package is just the beginning. We provide you with industry-leading expertise and guidance in the design, development, and deployment of your identity solution. Your Identity Cloud Onboarding Team has expertise in project management, identity architecture, use case modeling, optimization analysis, and general development best practices to help you move ahead efficiently with your process.


ForgeRock Cloud Onboarding Services Team

ForgeRock provides a team of experts in project management, identity architecture, use case modeling, optimization analysis, and general development best practices to bring the highest time to value to your organization.

Solution Architect

During the pre-sales phase, your ForgeRock Solution Architect will help you identify your priority use cases and map them to the right Identity Cloud packages. At project kick-off, the Solution Architect will hand off to the ForgeRock Cloud Deployment Manager and Cloud Professional Services for project continuity.

Cloud Professional Services Team

The ForgeRock Cloud Professional Services team is the primary technical team during kickoff and deployment.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Your ForgeRock Cloud Deployment Manager is a cloud migration and deployment specialist who will manage your project and lead the deployment team.

Support Services Team

Your ForgeRock Support Services Team is available for ongoing support with the Identity Cloud software throughout the project and after go-live.