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Partner Services

From the outset, ForgeRock has been built on a solid foundation of partnership. The ForgeRock Trust Network is our ecosystem of accredited partner organizations, offering deep expertise in digital identity and a comprehensive range of consulting and professional services to get you up and running rapidly - and stay that way. Search the ForgeRock Trust Network to find the right partner for your unique set of requirements.

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Mentoring Services

In addition to partner offerings, ForgeRock offers a suite of packaged services, delivered as workshops, which provide specific expert resources at key stages of a project. Designed to go hand-in-hand with our partner services, these packages enable our customers to benefit from ForgeRock product expertise, applied to each customer’s project.

The most common packages are shown here, in the context of typical project phases. See below for descriptions of these and further packages.

Professional Services Lifecycle
High-Level Architecture Workshop

Designed to determine customer requirements and use cases in order to scope how to best deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform. Results in a high-level architecture proposal, including functional and non-functional requirements, that is suitable for deployment.

Product Configuration Workshop

Provides a design blueprint of the ForgeRock platform based on architectural specifications of functional and non-functional requirements. Results in a customer-specific configuration proposal scoped to each customer’s project objectives.

Product Specialist Field Assistance

Designed to provide a product-specific expert resource to assist with a proof-of-concept or system build. Enables the customer to benefit from ForgeRock product expertise.

Supportability Review

Designed to review a current build or production system and evaluate whether the applied configuration complies with ForgeRock support expectations and best practices. Results in a report documenting the supportability of the environment.

On-site Operational Assistance, Mentoring and Support Coordination

Provides on-site operational assistance, mentoring, and support co-ordination for the customer’s production environment. Focused on assisting the customer IT team that is supporting a production environment by providing them with preventive guidance to avoid future issues.

On-site Troubleshooting

Designed to provide rapid on-site technical support to undertake diagnosis and fault analysis. Results in an approach for addressing the specific issue being faced.

Performance Analysis

Designed to provide an expert to assess the performance of the ForgeRock platform implementation. Results in a detailed analysis of actual performance against expectations and recommendations for improvement.

Value Identification Service

The Value Identification Service is useful for those considering a ForgeRock Identity Platform for the first time, and maps an organization’s identity levers to its business objectives and challenges. The final result of this service is a document detailing the unique, quantified value of the ForgeRock identity platform for the customer, as well as a high-level implementation plan, cost estimates and full business case.