ForgeRock Identity Management Certification

Demonstrate Your Identity Skills

The ForgeRock Certified Identity Management Specialist exam is targeted at IT professionals responsible for administering and deploying ForgeRock Identity Management solutions. The exam validates your ability to install, configure, administer, troubleshoot and maintain components of ForgeRock Identity Management.

  • The exam consists of 100 questions that must be completed in 120 minutes.

  • Questions are multiple choice.

  • You must achieve a minimum score of 67% to pass.

It is recommended that you attend the ForgeRock Identity Management: Core Concepts course before attempting the exam.




  • Attendance on IDM-400 ForgeRock Identity Management: Core Concepts (required)

  • Experience installing and configuring ForgeRock Identity Management in a production environment




Objective 1: Installation and Deployment of ForgeRock Identity Management

  • Introduce ForgeRock Identity Management

  • Install ForgeRock Identity Management

  • Deploy and Manage ForgeRock Identity Management

  • Perform basic troubleshooting on ForgeRock Identity Management

Objective 2: Enabling User Registration and Self-Service

  • Configure the Default User Registration process

  • Configure Self-Service Functions

Objective 3: Adding Social Registration and  Authentication

  • Configure one or more social identity providers

  • Delegate authentication

  • Theme and customize the self-service user interface

Objective 4: Synchronization and Reconciliation

  • Use the REST interface to access ForgeRock Identity Management

  • Connect to external resource using OpenICF

  • Perform Basic Synchronization

  • Run selective synchronization and LiveSync

  • Configure Role-Based provisioning

Objective 5: Configure Privacy and Consent Options

  • Configure User Preferences

  • Configure Privacy and Consent Settings

  • Configure Progressive Profiling and Add Terms and Conditions

  • Enable the Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard

Objective 6: Managing Relationships Between Objects

  • Configure a relationship within a managed object

  • Extend schema to support relationship models

  • Manage devices and things with ForgeRock Identity Management

Objective 7: Configure Workflows

  • Deploy a given workflow

  • Write a basic workflow that references the ForgeRock Identity Management API




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