Administering, Maintaining and Tuning ForgeRock Directory Services (FR-462)

The Administering, Maintaining and Tuning ForgeRock Directory Services course provides students with the necessary skills to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers, create and manage multiple databases, and perform other tasks with ForgeRock Directory Services.

Note that Revision A.4 of this course is built on version 5.0 of ForgeRock Directory Services.

Target Audiences

The following are the target audiences for this course:

  • System Administrators

  • System Integrators

  • System Architects

  • System Consultants

  • Developers


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the LDAP protocol and its query language

  • Describe the ForgeRock Directory Service (DS) architecture

  • Install DS with multiple instances

  • Use the DS server control panel and command-line interface to administer DS

  • Configure access control and password policies

  • Enable secure LDAP communication

  • Configure REST Access

  • Use collective attributes

  • Create database backends and indexes

  • Configure multi-server replication

  • Perform full and incremental backups

  • Tune the DS for search, write, and import performance

  • Monitor the DS


The following are the prerequisites to successfully completing this course:

  • Basic knowledge and skills using the Linux operating system to complete labs

  • A basic understanding of how LDAP works

  • An appreciation of HTTP and web applications

  • Basic knowledge of Java would be beneficial, although programming experience is not required


4 days

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Administration, Maintenance, and Tuning

All lessons for this course are consolidated under one chapter, which cover administration, maintenance, and tuning topics for ForgeRock Directory Services.


  • Show you have a basic understanding of directory servers and LDAP

  • Describe common directory server components

  • Locate DS resources

    1. Architecture

      • Understand the underlying foundation of the DS

      • Describe DS architectural components

    2. Installation

      • Understand the requirements necessary to install the DS

      • Describe DS modules

      • Perform a DS installation

      • Perform a DS upgrade

    3. Administration

      • Understand the methods available for administering the DS

      • Familiarize yourself with DS administrative tools

      • Use the dsconfig command

      • Set default options using files

      • Configure command-line completion

    4. Security

      • Control access to directory data with access control instructions (ACI)s

      • Use privileges to grant privileged access

      • Configure authentication policies

      • Configure secure communication

    5. REST Access

      • Describe RESTful APIs

      • Describe DS REST API

      • Configure REST API

      • Perform RESTful operations

    6. Database

      • Create and maintain DS backends

      • Distribute directory data through replication

      • Create full and incremental backups

    7. Tuning

      • Describe customer expectations

      • Understand areas that affect performance

      • Use tools to monitor the DS performance

    8. Monitoring

      • Understand methods for monitoring the DS

      • Read DS log files

      • Send alerts

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