Deploying ForgeRock Access Management

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Deploying ForgeRock Access Management (FR-420)

This structured course comprises a mix of instructor-led lessons and demonstrations with plenty of lab exercises to ensure an opportunity to fully understand each of the topics covered. It provides students with the necessary skills to plan, install, configure and administer a ForgeRock® Access Management (AM) deployment. The main goal of the course is to provide a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with ForgeRock Access Management, so students can control the most important functions of and manage a successful production deployment.

Duration: 5 days


The course is aimed at those responsible for the overseeing various aspects of a successful deployment of ForgeRock Access Management. This includes, but is not limited to, those with the following responsibilities:

  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • System Developers


  • A basic knowledge of Unix commands
  • A basic understanding of how LDAP works
  • An appreciation of HTTP and web applications
  • A basic knowledge of Java would be beneficial, although programming experience is not required