ForgeRock Identity Management Essentials

IDM-100-OD Rev B (Free Online Course)


This course provides a high-level overview of ForgeRock® Identity Management (IDM), so you can get started with the fundamentals of IDM.

Note: Revision B of this course is based on version 7 of ForgeRock Identity Management.


Target Audiences

The following are the target audiences for this course:

  • Evaluators
  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • System Administrators



Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe identity life cycle management
  • Explain how to simplify user registration
  • Understand user self-service functions
  • Understand AM and IDM self-service integration
  • Explain how data is synchronized between resources
  • Describe role-based provisioning
  • Understand how IDM uses workflow
  • Explain how identity governance provides regulatory compliance
  • Describe how to perform a certification campaign
  • Run queries to generate identity reports and statistics



Approximately 3 hours


Course Contents

Module 1: Introducing Identity Management Concepts

Describe how identity provisioning solutions automate the provisioning and deprovisioning process:

  • Introduce IDM
  • Demonstrate the life cycle of an identity
Module 2: Introducing User Self-Service and Registration

Provide customers the freedom to choose how they register for a seamless registration and login process, and manage their profile data:

  • Empower users to control their own data
  • Simplify user registration
  • Explore progressive profiling
  • Demonstrate self-registration
  • Manage passwords
  • Demonstrate password updates
  • Manage profile data
  • Demonstrate how users manage their account data
  • Integrate AM and IDM self-service
  • Demonstrate the use of authentication nodes
Module 3: Provisioning and Synchronizing Data

Describe how IDM synchronizes identity data across multiple external resources, and explain how role membership and assignments are used in the provisioning process:

  • Understand data synchronization
  • Demonstrate data synchronization methods
  • Provision attributes based on role membership
  • Demonstrate role-based provisioning
Module 4: Integrating Business Processes and Workflows

Describe how to manage and integrate simple and complex identity workflow operations:

  • Understand how IDM uses workflows
  • Demonstrate provisioning with workflow
Module 5: Introducing Identity Governance

Understand the concepts of ForgeRock® Identity Governance, and how it provides regulatory compliance for business roles:

  • Identity Governance overview
  • Introduce Access Request
  • Demonstrate how to request access to a role
  • Introduce Access Review
  • Demonstrate how to run a certification campaign
  • Introduce Identity Reporting
  • Demonstrate Identity Reporting features

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