ForgeRock Identity Management Product Overview

ForgeRock Identity Management Product Overview (IDM-100)

This seminar is FREE of charge and will provide students with a high-level overview of the core ForgeRock® Identity Management (IDM) functionality. The seminar includes a mix of slides and demos, and does not include labs.

For labs and hands-on experience, come to one of the Core Concepts classes:

  • AM-400: ForgeRock® Access Management Core Concepts
  • IDM-400: ForgeRock® Identity Management Core Concepts
  • DS-400: ForgeRock® Directory Services Core Concepts
  • IG-400: ForgeRock® Identity Gateway Core Concepts

Note that Revision A of this course is built on version 6.5 of IDM.

Target Audiences

This seminar is aimed at IT professionals who are interested in the advantages and functionality of ForgeRock Identity Management:

  • System Integrators

  • System Consultants

  • System Architects

  • System Administrators


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand IDM functionality
  • Understand the life cycle of an identity, including account qualification, provisioning, delegating administration, and user self-service
  • Understand user self-services, configure self-registration and progressive profiling, GDPR, and how privacy and consent work
  • Configure connections, synchronization, and add roles and relationships
  • Implement Activiti and deploy workflows
  • Understand identity visualization


There are no prerequisites.


1/2 day

Course contents

Chapter 1: Introducing the FEC Use Case

Lesson 1: The FEC Use Case

  • Introduce ForgeRock Entertainment Company (FEC) use case

  • Review the FEC customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution

  • Understand how the FEC business model works

  • Introduce subscription sharing, GDPR, Birthday Club, data sharing, and onboarding

Lesson 2: The Life Cycle of an Identity

  • Introduce the life cycle of an identity

  • Explain account qualification

  • Understand provisioning

  • Delegate administration

  • Implement a business process for user self-service

Chapter 2: User Self-Services

Lesson 1: Self-Registration

  • Configure self-registration

Lesson 2: Social Identity

  • Introduce social identity

  • Understand how social identity works

Lesson 3: Progressive Profiling

  • Introduce progressive profiling

  • Configure progressive profiling

Lesson 4: GDPR

  • Introduce GDPR

  • Explain privacy and consent

Chapter 3: Connecting to external identity repositories and synchronizing identity information

Lesson 1: Introducing the Use Case

  • Introduce the use case

Lesson 2: Configuring Connections

  • Configure connections

  • Talk to external identity repositories

  • Review supported connectors

Lesson 3: Configuring Synchronization

  • Configure synchronization

  • Review use case example

  • Explain synchronization and reconciliation

  • Introduce LiveSync

Lesson 4: Using Roles

  • Introduce roles

  • Add roles

Lesson 5: Relationships

  • Introduce relationships

  • Understand different types of relationships

  • Configure relationships

Chapter 4: Workflows

Lesson 1: Introducing the Use Case

  • Introduce the use case

Lesson 2: Implementing Activiti

  • Introduce Activiti

Lesson 3: Administration and Usage

  • Introduce administration and usage

  • Learn how to deploy workflows

Chapter 5: Identity Visualization

Lesson 1: Widgets

  • Introduce widgets

Chapter 6: Tools

Lesson 1: Auditing

  • Introduce auditing, including the common audit framework

Lesson 2: Monitoring

  • Introduce monitoring

  • Review monitoring tools, including Prometheus and Grafana

  • Understand Prometheus and its architecture

  • Understand how to use Grafana to visualize data

Lesson 3: Additional Resources

  • Learn about other resources available to you, including online resources such as Backstage, Knowledge Base, Marketplace, and in-person resources such as conferences, Meetups, and ForgeRock University courses

Lesson 4: Trending

  • Introduce current trends including microservices, the cloud deployment model, and supported clouds

  • Review about ForgeRock DevOps and deployment technology

  • Learn about ForgeRock University courses

Available Courses
ForgeRock Identity Management Product Overview (Self-Paced Learning)
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