The Digital Trust Pledge

Four years from now, the planet will hold close to 8 billion people
– and close to 80 billion connected devices.

These devices are already collecting your personal data. Dishwashers are reporting rinse cycles. Cars are reporting speed. And CPAP machines are reporting – and controlling – patients’ respiration.

In May of 2018, companies will have to comply with new privacy regulations to strengthen personal data protection for EU citizens. Chances are, this will affect your business. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare.

The Pressure’s On To Get This Right

Businesses, governments, and institutions all have powerful incentives to use personal data from the cloud, mobile devices, and the internet of things. But the privacy risks are increasing.

Data breaches and unscrupulous policies can and do damage trusted brands. Evolving privacy and data protection regulations now include financial penalties.

Most importantly, customers are increasingly suspicious, demanding more control over their personal data.

Is it possible to treat personal data as an asset, and at the same time make your customers (and your Chief Privacy Officer) happy?

Gain, Earn, & Keep Your Customers’ Trust

At ForgeRock, the answer is yes. Here’s how: Let your customers share data selectively. Ask them for consent — what’s okay to share, how, when, and with whom. Put them in charge, and they’ll put their trust in you.

Our promise is to help you build trusted digital relationships.

Why are we doing this? Not just because we can, but because it must be done. We want to live in a world where our digital selves are protected and respected, where trust online is just as important as it is to us in real life.

ForgeRock is committed to this: no more data about you, without you.


How do we do privacy?

Get to Know User-Managed Access: Watch the Video

Offer privacy, consent, and secure data sharing with user-managed access