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What is the ForgeRock Trust Network?

The ForgeRock Trust Network is a technology ecosystem of over 120 partners that gives you access to a vast array of digital identity capabilities using the ForgeRock Identity Platform. Technology partner categories include strong authentication, risk and fraud management, behavioral biometrics, and identity proofing and enrichment.



Leverage Free, Pre-Built, Tested Integrations

At ForgeRock, functionality and flexibility are top of mind. Unlike other digital identity providers, ForgeRock Trust Network integrations are included with the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

With the ForgeRock Trust Network, you gain free access to pre-built, tested, and always updated partner integrations. Used with ForgeRock’s industry-leading platform, these certified integrations increase predictability, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

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orgeRock Trust Network

Partner Authentication

When used with ForgeRock Intelligent Access, our Partner Authenticators provide a robust and diverse catalog of authentication options that enable you to easily address requirements for many use cases. Whether you want your users to authenticate with one-time passcodes, optical codes, or any type of biometrics, ForgeRock's strong authentication partners offer you the capabilities you need.

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Fraud and Risk Management

Understanding the risk posture of a person, device, session, or even a transaction is more critical than ever as a growing number of increasingly high-value transactions occur solely online. ForgeRock Fraud and Risk Management partners are leaders in identifying and remediating risk, no matter its origin. When integrated with ForgeRock Intelligent Access technology, these signals can be used to make real-time decisions about the best way to authenticate a user.

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Behavioral Biometrics

Identity theft is growing more sophisticated, demanding an even greater level of identity security. An increasingly important tool in the battle against bots, synthetic identities, and account takeovers, ForgeRock Behavioral Biometrics Partners use the latest technologies to create biometric profiles of user behavior. 

Our Behavioral Biometrics Partners provide you with the latest behavioral biometrics technology capabilities, such as transparently identifying people based on their unconscious actions with minimal added friction. You can also identify non-human entities and emulators that may be lurking on your websites and in your applications. 

Integrated with ForgeRock Intelligent Access and our powerful authorization engine , our Behavioral Biometrics Partners add a potent, invisible security layer that protects your users.

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Identity Proofing and Enrichment

Providing exceptional experiences through fast user registration and onboarding results in competitive advantage and business growth. Now you can support this without enabling bad actors or synthetic identities.

ForgeRock Identity Proofing and Enrichment Partners can ensure that a user is both a real person and who they say they are and often identifies risks associated with the user. Many of these partners allow you to tailor your origination flow to balance risk and friction appropriately.

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