ForgeRock and Accenture Share How To Enhance Existing Governance Investments with Artificial Intelligence

Global organizations have long used identity governance solutions to address user access and regulatory compliance requirements. Each technology requires a clear identification of which users need access, what resources they need, and how access can be controlled to prevent unauthorized usage. As the size and scope of these challenges has increased, traditional approaches like RBAC have fallen short, for the simple reason that defining and maintaining roles is time consuming and difficult using legacy tooling or even the dreaded spreadsheets. Operational costs are exploding, users are suffering from identity fatigue, and auditors are calling out rubber stamping as a regulatory issue.

Our featured speakers, Rex Thexton, Managing Director and Global Practice Lead for Accenture's Global Digital Identity business, and Chip Hughes, Global Lead for ForgeRock’s Autonomous Identity solution, will provide insights that enable you to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of Identity Analytics and the key areas where your business can save time and money
  • Learn how Accenture has helped customers realize the full potential of their Identity Governance program through leveraging AI/ML
  • Understand the differences with ForgeRock’s approach and how the unique offering can optimize roles, mitigate risk, and provide cost saving automation
  • Connect with like-minded leaders and decision-makers facing similar challenges across: identity, access, governance and directory challenges.

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